Welcome to Boatright Development, LLC.



At Boatright, we strive to assist our customers in customizing their home project with quality & affordability. We are built on integrity to provide a First Class Service and a lasting relationship.

Quality should be the driving force in any business. However, not all businesses pay attention to the details that the customers want. Since 1997, when Boatright Development, LLC was founded by Ken Sr. and Pati, we have made it a point to create what our customers ask.

This has enabled us to build trusting relationships that are valued. Having lived in the Harrison area for over five decades, Ken, Pati, and their family have established many wonderful and lasting relationships. By working with various community organizations such as, local schools and sports programs,  they were able to see where improvements could be made and work with the people to make it better. This type of attitude is very evident in the mission statement of Boatright Development.



We're All About Your Home

To assist our customers in customizing their project with quality affordable housing and excavation, built on integrity to provide a First Class Service and a lasting relationship.

Lasting relationships are of utmost importance a Boatright Development is a family-owned business with the next generation preparing to take the company to the next level. Whatever your project, excavation or construction, commercial or residential, a home or office built on your lot or in one of our developments son Kenny Jr. and son-in law Doug Helms are committed to providing the kind of quality and attention to your project that you expect.

Ken Sr., Pati, Kenny Jr., Dayana, Doug, Kendra, seven grandchildren and all the employees at Boatright Development look forward to what lies ahead and agree that to continue with integrity is the only way to assure satisfied customers.

Thank you for considering Boatright Development for your next project.